Deluxe Wimshurst Machine, Vanguard III Model

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The Vanguard III Wimshurst Machine features large 12.5" acrylic discs, heavy aluminum clad leyden jars and neutralizer bars. This Wimshurst Machine is capable of producing large static electrical "sparks" up to 4" in length, depending upon humidity conditions.


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Vanguard 3 Deluxe Wimshurst Machine

    Posted by Tom Strum on Oct 26th 2022

    Attractive well designed machine gives surprisingly good prompt
    strong sparks resembling jagged lightning bolts at slow to medium cranking speeds...The knurled knob set screws make brush and collector point adjustments very easy with no tools required....Seems to work better than expected even in high humidity conditions.... Acrylic plates run true and flat with little wobble....The wrinkle free sectors seem precisely applied and uniformly positioned.....The sturdy nonconductive frame permits reliable operation with little to no observed charge leakage....Very happy with this purchase and safe fast shipping to my door. TIP: Not mentioned in instructions, yellow protective comb needle covers removed still no spark or any charging sounds noticed. Folded plain Kleenex tissue inserted between rotating discs immediately produced crackling static HV sounds and machine suddenly came alive with 3-inch loud spark discharges. Very impressive performing unit was almost returned as DOA before last resort Kleenex cleaning-charging procedure activated unit to better than expected performance. Upgraded units stiff brushes to soft conductive stainless steel knit thread for non-scratching sector performance.

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    Fun with Static

    Posted by Drew Shock on Jul 19th 2016

    We have a lot of fun experimenting with this machine. Sometimes we turn it just to hear the static POP!

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    Top Quality Product!!!

    Posted by William Fox on Dec 20th 2014

    This product was received two days after purchase and worked right out of the box. Machine exhibited flashover between sectors when the discharge electrodes were set greater than 3.5 inches apart. After cleaning the discs with window cleaner and allowing them to dry, the machine easily produced 4 inch sparks while under non-optimal conditions. I suspect dust was the cause of the flashover. This is my 5th Wimshurst machine and far outperforms all the others. If you are looking for a quality, high performance machine at an extremely reasonable price, then this is the one to buy! Very pleased. Thank-you!!!

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    Wimshurst Machine, Vanguard III model

    Posted by Anonymous on Mar 23rd 2014

    Very nice object. Received not perfectly adjust;probably a transportation problem.Works very well.Good size machine for good visual scientific demonstrations. Satisfied buyer. Thank you.