Fun Fly Stick Original V1 Version

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CLEARANCE: Original V1 solid blue body original version that includes ten (10) flyers and comes complete with manual. 

Wizards of all ages now have an incredible opportunity to get a real levitation wand of their own. This ultra portable Van De Graaff generator allows wizards to enjoy a mesmerizing levitation experience that is sure to captivate all! Enjoy levitating incredible metallic-looking shapes and learn physics in the process without even realizing it. Illustrated full-color Magic Wand Manual provided with the set offers tons of tips and tricks for becoming a better wizard.

Transparent Portable Van De Graaff Generator Wand: 1
Illustrated Detailed Manual: 1
Large Spheres: 2
Medium Spheres: 3
Large Ring: 1
Medium Ring: 1
Hourglass Shapes: 2
Butterfly Shape: 1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review