Induction Coil, Box Form, 50KV, 50mm Spark Gap

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This box form Induction Coil has a 50mm / 2" spark gap and can produce pulses of high voltage current from a low voltage direct current source such as a battery. It is suitable for use with gas-filled discharge tubes, vacuum tubes, and for general laboratory work. It is comprised of two coils fully enclosed in a polished wooden case with binding posts. Includes an adjustable Neef type vibrator system, primary current polarity reversal, on-off switch, a capacitor enclosed in the box and special alloy contacts. Spark gap at the discharge points can be adjusted by sliding rods back and forth. Requires 8-12 Volt power source such as a battery.

Input: 8-12 Volts DC at 5 Amps max.

Dimensions: 13" x 6" x 6.5"

Weight: 5.8 lbs.

Complete setup and operating instructions are included.

Concept: Two coils, a primary coil with few turns of thick wires wrapped around a soft iron core, and a secondary coil with many turns of thin wire wrapped outside the primary coil. The two coils are insulated from one another. Current is induced in the secondary coil when current in the primary coil changes. A battery supplies direct current (DC). Thus, the secondary coil would only have current induced when the primary coil was first turned on, or just after it turned off. With steady DC current in the primary coil, there is no induced current in the secondary coil. The vibrator functions as an automatic switch, rapidly turning the primary coil current on and off. Here's how it works: when the momentary-contact switch is closed, current from the battery flows through the primary coil; this creates a magnetic field around the core, which both induces current in the secondary coil, and attracts the hammer of the vibrator; as the hammer moves toward the core, it's electrical contacts are opened, cutting off the current to the primary coil; this reverses the induced current in the secondary coil, and allows the hammer to spring back; when the electrical contacts on the hammer close again, the cycle repeats. The action of the interrupter creates high-voltage pulses of dc current in the secondary coil. The voltage is high because the number of turns in the secondary coil is much larger than the number of turns in the primary coil.

*25MM Coil Pictured.

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    Quality Product

    Posted by Gregory Vogt on Jan 21st 2014

    I received my 50KV induction coil and am very pleased with its construction. The wood and plastic case is nicely made and looks sharp. I had originally intended to make up a power supply to go with it but used a couple of 6 volt batteries in series. The spark starts right up. The coil is very easy to use and the detailed instructions clear.I think I'll stick with the batteries.