Oliver Lodge Radio Experiment Set, Electromagnetic Loop Leyden Jar

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In 1894, English physicist Sir Oliver Lodge performed an experiment demonstrating the key principles of radio (referred to then as wireless telegraphy). His experiments would provide a framework upon which the basis of modern radio application and understanding was formed. This large Leyden jar transmitter and receiver set features large solid metal induction loops with adjustable sliding rod connectors used to tune the transmitter and receiver to find the resonant position that will produce the most effective transmission frequencies. The transmitter features an adjustable spark gap and the receiver is fitted with a neon bulb that will light when the desired frequency is achieved. The transmitter and receiver (as pictured) should be placed in parallel positions, with no more than a 20" gap separating them. The Oliver Lodge electromagnetic loop experiment set can be powered using Wimshurst Machines, Van De Graaff Generators, Induction Coils, or any modern high voltage power supply in the range of 20 - 50KV.

Input: 20-50 KV
Working Frequency: @ 5MHz
Leyden Jar Capacitance: 580pF
Induction Loop Size: 23" / 58cm x 11" / 28cm
Effective Range: 20" / 0.5m


(No reviews yet) Write a Review