Parallel Plate Capacitor


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Product Overview

This device provides a visual demonstration of the difference of electric potential. The plates can be charged using an influence machine (Wimshurst) or Van De Graaff generator.

-Plate Diameter: 7.75" / 20cm
-Overall Height (Assembled): 14" / 36cm

Items Included:
-2 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Clamping Supports
-2 Plain Aluminum Capacitor Plates
-1 Aluminum Capacitor Plate with Red String
-1 Plexiglass 8.5" / 22cm square for use as dielectric placed between plain plates
-Complete Instructions

Note that the 2nd photo shows the red string reaching out toward the plain plate on the other side after a charge has been applied using a WIMSHURST MACHINE. Click on the photos to select and/or enlarge.

You can also place a PITH BALL ELECTROSCOPE between 2 charged plain plates, and watch in amazement as the pith balls "dance" frantically between the 2 plates.

For more information on the principles demonstrated by this device, CLICK HERE.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review