Balancing Bird

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Amaze your children with this colorful balancing bird that will balance itself on just about anything. This colorful balancing bird features a large 6.35" wingspan and a black plastic balancing pedestal. The bird will balance on a finger, pencil eraser, or even the tip of your nose! Teachers can leave this bird on display using the included black plastic base for a fun and simple lesson in physics. This bird has 2 weights that are placed at the wing tips, which act to bring the center of mass to the tip of its beak.

Not intended for children under 3. Colors will vary.


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    adequate. not as sturdy as other versions

    Posted by M Field on Apr 23rd 2018

    I have three different types of balance birds and these are the least sturdy. The wings splice if you drop the bird (which is all too probable in a child's yoga class where we use them to work on balance and awareness and focus) and the beaks are pretty fragile. If you're going to keep these on the mount on your desk, they are perfectly fine, but if you plan to integrate them into a moment with children, they might not stand up to the burden. I won't be buying them again for the needs I have.