Electrochemical Demonstrator

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The model SS40178 Electrochemical Demonstrator is a compact, self-contained unit designed to demonstrate the electrochemical interactions of metals and electrolyte solutions. The primary components of the unit are a 250ml plastic beaker to contain electrolyte solutions, and a pair of electrode posts equipped with alligator clips to support metal electrodes immersed in the beaker. The unit also consists of a pre-wired electrical circuit including a toggle switch, an incandescent lamp, and terminals for an external battery and ammeter; and includes a 5-inch jumper to shunt components of the circuit as required. The unit is housed in a compact, chemically impervious plastic base.

A complete instruction manual is included, with guide for the following demonstrations:

1. Wet Cell
2. Conductivity of an Electrolyte Solution
3. Determining the Charge on the Electron by Electrolysis

Set Components
1 Chemical Resistant Plastic Base
1 250ml Plastic Beaker
2 Carbon Electrodes
2 Copper Electrodes
2 Lead Electrodes
2 Zinc Electrodes
1 Jumper