Energy Conversion and Storage Kit, Simple


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This kit is designed for two students, and consists of a hand generator and 1 Farad "super" capacitor. It provides students with a basic understanding of energy conversion and storage. Students can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy with the hand generator, using the resulting electrical energy to charge the capacitor. A student can then use the stored energy in the capacitor to perform work. For example, one student can charge the capacitor while the other disconnects the leads after charging for several seconds. The capacitor can then be re-attached to the generator, causing the stored energy in the capacitor to momentarily drive the hand crank (handle) of the hand generator. With a resistor in circuit, one can power an LED bulb using a freshly charged (by hand generator) super capacitor. The LED will operate for hours!

1 Hand Generator
1 Capacitor, 1 Farad


(No reviews yet) Write a Review