Franck-Hertz Argon Tube Experiment Set

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This Franck-Hertz Apparatus is designed for college students to demonstrate the existence of quantized states. The experiment can be performed in less time because the use of Argon tube eliminates the need for tube heating (as in the case of a Mercury filled tube). The data can be recorded manually, or directed to an oscilloscope or computer for display. For additional background information and a brief history, please click here to refer to the Foothill college website where our devices are presently in use.

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Power Supply: 110V AC / 60Hz

Included Components
1. Franck-Hertz Apparatus
2. Argon Tube (SS20801A)
3. Oscilloscope connecting wires, 30" (qty. 3)
4. Operating instruction manual

Click on the Technical Specifications and Product Instructions tabs above to view additional information.

1. Voltage supplied to Franck- Hertz tube.
UG1K: 1.3 ~ 5V
UG2A (rejecting voltage): 1.3 ~ 15V
UG2K point- measure observation: 0 ~ 100V
Sawtooth wave on oscilloscope: 0 ~ 50V
UH (filament voltage): AC: 3V,3.5V, 4V, 4.5V, 5V, 5.5V, 6.3V.

2. Sawtooth wave parameters
Scanning Voltage: 0 ~ 50V
Scanning Frequency: 115 ± 20Hz
Voltage amplitude of scanning output : £ 1V

3. Low-current Measuring range
Range: 10-6 ~ 10-9 A(4 steps)

4. Operating conditions
Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 40C
Relative humidity: £85%(40DegC)
Operating power: AC 110V ± 10V, 60Hz
Preheating time: £ 2 min
Continuous operating time: 8 hours
Rated input power: £15W
Dimensions: l X w X h: 40cm X 23cm X 13cm