Free Falling Object Apparatus, 110cm

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This Free-Fall Apparatus measures up to 110 cm (@4 ft.) of free-fall distance. The apparatus is designed for use with a Photogate Digital Timer like our SS20120 (not included). This newly redesigned device features rugged aluminum construction and folding support feet for quick setup. A special photogate pair and electromagnet pre-wired to a cable harness are supplied, making electrical setup simple. Just plug the harness into the rear panel of a digital timer like SS20120. The photogates slide in grooves on the sides of the vertical aluminum post and are easily secured at any height. A plumb line, included, screws into the bottom of the release electromagnet. The line passes through the photogates and is illuminated by the photogate beam when the apparatus is in correct vertical alignment. The apparatus uses an 18 mm steel ball which is caught after the free fall in a pocket at the bottom of the post. The ball is released from an electromagnet by a switch on the timer, which displays the fall time to the first photogate and the time to pass through the gate after the experimental run. Includes instructions. Measures @ 11-3/4" x 11-3/4" x 60" when fully set up. Requires digital timer SS20120 (not included). Grades 9 and up.