Linear Polarization Polarized Light Exploration Kit Polarizing Film Quantum Physics

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  • Sci-Supply is an American small business based in Southwest Ohio and has been proudly serving our customers since 2004. Get high quality products and exceptional customer care while supporting a small American business. We go the extra mile for YOU!
  • Kit includes two 4" x 4" polarized light sheets, one 4" x 4" maximizer sheet, one roll of tape, one pair of scissors, one glue stick and one compact LED flashlight complete with three AAA alkaline batteries. Materials are supplied in a reclosable cardboard box and a basic teacher guide is included!
  • Study the concept of light as a wave. Like other transverse waves it can be polarized. Light that "bounces" in all directions is called unpolarized light and light that "bounces" in only one direction is called polarized light.
  • Describe how light acts like a wave and look at examples of diffration, reflection, refraction and interference.
  • Expolore how materials can polarize light. The polarizing film in the kit is similar to what you might find in sunglasses that block out light that is "bouncing" all directions except the direction that matches the polarizer.
  • Find out how the properties of light as a wave allow it to be spread out in a spectrum. This spectrum allows light to be defined by its wavelength.
  • Describe how light acts like a particle and is identified as a photon in that form. Explore the concept of electron transition.
  • This kit can be used to teach students from Kindergarten level to college.