Magnetic Lines of Force Demonstrator

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Forget the mess and hassle of loose iron filings. This completely self contained and simple to use demonstration set allows for 3 dimensional viewing of the magnetic lines of force. Set includes:
- Acrylic cube (measures 3 inches square) containing iron filings suspended in a silicone oil with a cylindrical magnet in the center. The cylindrical magnet can be removed from the acrylic cube.
- Flat acrylic rectangle (measures 6 inches X 3.5 inches) containing iron filings suspended in a silicone oil.
- Horseshoe Magnet
- Bar Magnet
- Styrofoam Storage Box

For more information about magnetic lines of force, CLICK HERE.


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    Has a bubble in it. Not free shipping

    Posted by Scott Paddock on Jun 26th 2019

    Meh. I had one and accidentally broke it. Bought from Sci-Supply as it said free shipping, but it wasn’t. I asked why, and they said it’s not eligible, despite the product page saying free shipping. I don’t get this monkey business with Amazon, so back there I go. You had a shot, Sci-Supply, and blew it. Response from Sci-Supply: Craziness! We are still cheaper than Amazon with the price of shipping added! Our website clearly states free shipping with a $39 order in no uncertain terms.

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    Magnetic Lines of Force Demonstrator

    Posted by Theolonius on Mar 8th 2019

    My daughter is under ten and so curious about the world. I wanted a tool to help explain forces like gravity and those that have a powerful effect but can't be seen. I love having gadgets around the house and was so glad to discover this site, Shipping & delivery were lightening fast!

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    Love this item

    Posted by Thomas Lacalamita on Dec 27th 2018

    My son received this for Christmas and it was a huge it. I am not sure who enjoys it more!