Photogate Digital Timer, 4 Digit w/ 2 Photogates


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Product Overview

The model SS20120 20-Memory Time Counter is a general-purpose laboratory timer-counter. In conjunction with the included photogate sensors, it performs a variety of pre-programmed counting and event timing functions to facilitate calculation of such physical quantities as position, velocity, and acceleration. The unit features a 20-event memory so that data collected during an experiment may be reviewed and recorded. It is primarily intended for use in classroom demonstrations of such phenomena as uniform motion, accelerated motion, conservation/exchange of momentum, harmonic motion, and free-fall.

This solid-state digital timer is perfect for our air track and free fall apparatus. When used in conjunction with the free fall apparatus, it has an on board electromagnet controller (6V output) to attach and release the steel ball. Can also be used in conjunction with the Hall's Cart and Inclined plane to calculate cart velocity. Two photogates are included, each with its own shielded connecting cord. The timer has functions for timing mechanical periods of oscillation, acceleration, collision velocities, counting, gravity acceleration and more.

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Input power: 120vac 60Hz
Duty cycle: Continuous
Timing range: >0.2 millisecond to 999.9 seconds
Timing resolution: to 0.01 milliseconds
Counting Range: 0~9999
Memory capacity: 20 events
Integrated control for electromagnetic ball release
Photogate Sensor Gap (distance between sensors): 11/16" / 17.5mm
Dimensions (lxwxh) 8" x 3" x 3" / 212mm x 78mm x 78mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review