Planck's Constant Experiment Apparatus, Planck's Constant Measuring Device

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This device demonstrates the quantum mechanical property that energy is a function of frequency, not intensity, and to qualitatively show the photoelectric effect and Planck's constant. This machine is compact, convenient and easy to use.

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How It Works
Light shines from a halogen tungsten lamp, passes through a selection of 5 colored filters of different wavelengths and strikes a dark box with a phototube inside. The color filters are slotted to fit the receiver and are quickly and easily changed. The frequency of light incident on the emitter of the phototube causes photoelectrons to be ejected and pass through a vacuum to a collector. The photocurrent and photo voltage are then measured by a meter.

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    Current / voltage meter Current multiplier switch Voltage regulation knob Voltage direction switch Light intensity knob Receiving dark box with vacuum phototube mounted inside 5 color filters: 460,500,540,570 & 635nm 1 Solid black receiver cover Instruction Manual & Lab Manual

Power Supply: 110V AC / 50Hz
Light Source: 12V/35W halogen tungsten lamp


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