Primary and Secondary Coils, Large Teacher


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This larger primary and secondary coil set is designed so that teachers can provide a larger, more visible demonstration in a classroom setting. The secondary coil slides over the primary coil, and the soft iron core slides into either or both. This rugged device is sensitive enough to be used with voltmeters instead of galvanometers. The coils are wound around hollow plastic cores, with a turns ratio of approximately 2 (@380) to 1 (@200). Provides a look at electromagnetic induction, ferromagnetism and transformer theory.

Height: 5" / 12.5cm
Weight: 8.2oz.
Iron Core length: 3.25" / 8.3cm
Iron Core Dimeter: 7/16" / 12mm
Primary Coil Spindle O.D.: 3/4" / 19mm Primary Coil Spindle I.D.: 1/2" / 13mm
Primary Coil Turns (approx.): 160
Primary Coil Wire Diameter: 20AWG
Secondary Coil Spindle O.D.: 1-3/8" / 35mm
Secondary Coil Spindle I.D.: 1-5/8" / 39mm
Secondary Coil Turns (approx.): 330
Secondary Coil Wire Diameter: 28AWG


(No reviews yet) Write a Review