Scribble Bot Motors, 1.5 - 3.0 Volts DC with Wire Leads, Pack of 10


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Product Overview

These scribble bot motors are simple and easy to use! These small motors operate on 1.5 - 3 Volts (6,200 - 12,300 RPM) and each motor comes pre-wired with 12 inch (30cm) red and black lead wires. Please refer to product photo #3 for a schematic drawing, including complete specifications for these scribble bot motors.

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Looking for simple battery connections? We also carry AA battery holders for those of you wanting a simple method of hooking up your scribble bot to a battery.

Motor Specifications
Operating Voltage: 1.5 - 3V DC
Starting Voltage: 3V DC
Current (A): .41 - .56
No Load RPM: 6,200 - 12,300
Torque (g-cm): .47 - .74
Shaft Diameter: 2mm
Shaft Length: @7mm

Click here for the Maryland Science Center scribble bot page...


(No reviews yet) Write a Review