Lethan Corporation Van De Graaff Generator, 325KV

Lethan Corporation

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The LC2910-HC Van De Graaff generator is designed for institutional use. It's a workhorse and proven performer in schools, universities, science museums, electrical cooperatives and NOAA facilities across the country. Don't just take our word for it. Do some searching on other major sales platforms for LC2910-HC. Feedback on this item is consistently solid. That's because we designed this Van De Graaff generator from the ground up, with every component being of premium quality. The end result is a device that will yield many years of reliable service. Not only that, but you can rely on this device to work in the most challenging environments where other Van De Graaff generators fail.

This large Van De Graaff generator stands over 2' tall, and it's large dome can produce an electric potential of 325,000 volts or more. There are a lot of exaggerated claims out there about Van De Graaff voltage. Did you know that voltage is dictated by dome size? The dome is a giant capacitor where the electrical charges accumulate. The diameter of the dome correlates to the total potential capacitance of the device. That's not the entire story though, because 2 generators with the same size dome can have very different performance characteristics. Our generator features a dome charge rate (micro current) that in some cases exceeds the competition by 5x. This means that it can pump more energy out for better experimental results, from hair raising to charging electroscopes.

This commercial generator is designed for heavy institutional use. It features a large sealed bearing electric motor that will provide years of trouble free service with no maintenance. The sealed bearing motor produces a powerful 3,500 RPM. Dual risers located inside the upper dome make belt centering a snap! Discharge wand and wire are included. Comes complete with a 1 year limited warranty!


  • Commercial Build Quality with Superior Fit and Finish.
  • Discharge Wand and Wire Included
  • Fuse Overload Protection. If the belt breaks and jams the motor (as often happens with the belt being confined), the fuse will prevent your motor from locking up
  • Built in Humidity Control Bulb Mounted in the Base. High humidity can rob the machine of up to 80% of its output capacity.
  • Quick Connect Terminal at the Top of the Main Discharge Dome
  • Quick Belt Tensioning System Conveniently Located in Upper Dome (Dual Tensioners will travel up to 1.5" / 38mm)
  • Styrofoam Storage Case for Portability
  • Convenient Discharge Wand Storage Receptacle Built into the Base (Seen on Alternate Product Photo)
  • Complete User Guide / Manual written in plain English by us.  

Product Instruction Manual

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Looking for helpful tips and tricks to get your generator working at peak performance? CLICK HERE for information.

1 Year Warranty* (excludes belts). 


Power Source: 110VAC (3-Prong Grounded Cord)

Input Power: 80W

Motor RPM: 3,500

Storage Ball Diameter: 10" (250mm)

Discharge Ball Diameter: 2.5" (60mm)

Overall Dimensions: (LxWxH) 11" x 7" x 26" (275mm x 175mm x 660mm)

Weight: 18lbs.


(13 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great Customer Service

    Posted by Casey McClure on Feb 4th 2014

    Original shipment was damaged and they immediately sent out a new one. Great Product. My 4th Grader Science Class are going to have a lot of cool science experiments.

  • 5
    A OK

    Posted by Brian Shaw on Jan 31st 2014

    I just got it today. Well packaged looks great. Can't wait to put it together and give it a whirl.

  • 5
    Belt Centering is So Simple

    Posted by Richard Fellows on Nov 5th 2013

    This is a great generator, but I really don't think the "humidity control" makes any difference at all. They should be talking about the belt system, and how easy it is to center the belt using the knobs in the top dome. We had an old van de graf generator, and it was impossible to run it for more than a few seconds without the belt getting screwwed up. This is by far the best feature - you just lift up the upper dome half and turn the screws by hand to center the belt. They should really take a picture of the inside dome - its what makes this generator so nice to use. Btw,I tried the generator with and without the humidity bulb, and it didn't make a difference. Still giving it 5 stars thoug because of the belt thing and it has a big spark.

  • 4
    Van De Graaff

    Posted by B Grall on Nov 1st 2013

    If you are looking for a really nice, portable and reliable VDG, this is it. I have built VDGs in the past, but this one had all of my "wish-list" features, including the light-bulb to fight against humidity. I recommend ordering a replacment in blue, it looks really cool and you will want an extra anyway. This bulb seams to do a great job, even when it is raining here in Washington, there is no problem generating long sparks, even when my home-built VDGs are pretty much flat. Sci-Supply also offers many accessories that plug right into this VDG at a really reasonable price. These really increase the "funtime" and cuts down on the set-up time that can make younger observers a little impatient.In my opinion, this is the best VDG, for it's size at any price.