Conductivity of a Solution Device, Solution Conductometer


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Product Overview

The model SS40179 Solution Conductometer is a compact unit designed to determine the conductivity of various simple solutions. The unit includes a DC 6.2V, .05A bulb on top that will illuminate (or not illuminate) depending upon the conductivity of the solution used. The brightness/intensity of illumination will vary according to the conductivity of the solution. The positive terminal is connected directly to the bulb holder and the negative terminal is connected to a carbon electrode that extends down into the cup (into the solution). On the opposite side is a copper electrode that also extends down into the cup (into the solution), and it is attached to the bulb holder (it completes the circuit). A multimeter can be used to measure voltages across various solutions. 4mm banana plug screw terminals are included. Requires a 6V DC power supply (such as batteries).

Diameter: 3.5" / 90mm
Height: 5" / 130mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review