Dynamic Mechanics Experiment Kit


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Product Overview

This precision machined 130cm linear extruded aluminum Mechanics Set is used to demonstrate:
Conservation of Energy & Newton's Second Law
Conservation of Momentum in Explosions
Conservation of Momentum in Collisions
Springs in Series and Parallel
Simple Harmonic Oscillation
Oscillations on an Incline
Launch Speed

Materials Included:

1. 1.3 m Dynamics Track-1
2. Plunger Cart-1
3. Collision Cart-1
4. 500g Cart Mass-1
5. 250g Cart Masses-2
6. Adjustable Feet-2
7. Adjustable End Stops-2
8. Harmonic Springs-8
9. Friction Block-1
10. Super Pulley with Clamp-1
11. Angle Indicator-1
12. Spring Cart Launcher-3
a. Compression Springs-1
b. Release Pin-1
c. String-2m
13. Pivot Clamp-1

Instructions included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review