Loop-the-Loop Apparatus, Deluxe Triple

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This large loop-the-loop apparatus is constructed of rigid aluminum tracks bound to a wooden base. Setup of the loop-the-loop apparatus is quick, as each track is attached quickly to the base with thumbscrews, and guides are included to ensure that looping sections are secured properly to the board. Two chrome plated steel balls of the following diameter are included:

This loop-the-loop apparatus easily demonstrates the transformation of potential energy to kinetic energy. This loop-the-loop device is used to calculate the minimum height from which the ball must be released in order to make it through the loop. This is then verified experimentally. A rolling ball must be released at 2.7 times the radius of the loop.

Note: This is an oversize item, and must ship by itself.

Length: 32"
Width: 11"
Height: 14"
Weight: 7 lbs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review