Sci-Supply Bulk LED UV Flashlights, Compact Ultra-Portable, Pack of 12

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Sold in a pack of 12.

This compact UV flashlight will illuminate almost any item or area with its consistently bright beam emitted from 12 powerful LED bulbs. This includes bedding, carpet, curtains, furniture, and anywhere bodily fluid stains may be found. It can be used as a tool for identifying forgeries in cash currencies and important documents. This flashlight can also be used to discover harsh whitening agents sometimes present in baby clothes and cosmetics. This lightweight, ultra-portable flashlight is great to stow away in your luggage to check your hotel bedsheets for cleanliness; or if it is really a low rent motel an old crime scene. Ever wonder what goes on in the neighbor's bedroom? House sitting and nosey? Maybe you hear strange noises coming from over there and you swear that you saw someone hanging from the bedpost. Put an end to all the speculation and finally shine a light on the crime scene that surely is their bedroom. 

Are you living next door to Jeffrey Dahmer? Is your neighbor a little too nice and super reclusive? Does he dig suspiciously large holes in his back yard? Did he offer to show you his basement and his pet gerbil collection?

Did we mention that these little flashlights can even be used to spot scorpions? We all know how prevalent scorpions are here in Ohio. Just imagine if you were in Massachusetts and being over-run by those pesky little bastards!! 

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky give it two thumbs up!

Hotel Room Cleanliness Check
Creepy Neighbor Detection
Spotting Forgeries
Cash Currency Verification, ID Card and Document Validation
Fluorescent Illumination
Bodily Fluid, Pet and Pest Stain Detection

LED Qty: 12 Ultra Bright UV LED's
Light Wavelength: 395nm
Switch: Tail Cap Click On/Off
Power Source: 3x AAA / LR03 Batteries (Not Included)
Dimensions: 4" x 1.2" x 1.2"