Solar Panel, 12 Volt, 1.5W w/ Leads & Blocking Diode

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This little solar panel is great for home, school, lab, or workshop, and is perfect for your solar projects. At 1.5W, you can charge rechargeable batteries, drive LEDS, or a portable radio. Color coded wires with alligator clips make it easy and fun to work with. Comes complete with a blocking diode. A blocking diode will prevent the voltage from going in the opposite direction. For example, voltage from a battery going back to the solar panel in a shady environment.


1. Red/black alligator clip wires measuring 24" / 60cm

2. Integrated blocking diode to prevent charge from going from battery / apparatus back to solar panel.

3. UV treated surface and durable weatherproof backing PCB board

4. Silicone sealant to protect the blocking diode.


1. Size: 5.5" x 3.3" / 14cm x 8.5cm

2. Material: Polycrystalline Silicon

3. Max. voltage: 12V

4. Max. power: 1.5W

5. Max. current: 125mA

6. Short Circuit Current: 132mA

7. Open Circuit Voltage: 14 Volts