Van De Graaff Generator, 325KV, 220-240 VAC Model (CONVERTER)

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**This model is for our OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS, and features a 220-240 Volt, 300 Watt AC step-down transformer. This converter allows use of this 110 Volt appliance on a 220-240 Volt electrical system**

This is the 3rd generation of our most popular and best selling LC2910-HC Van De Graaff generator. This new for 2009 Van De Graaff generator model features a larger, more powerful motor producing 3,500 R.P.M.

Have a HAIR-RAISING good time with this Van De Graaff static electricity generator that can produce an electric potential difference of 325,000 volts or more. This feature rich Van De Graaff generator model comes complete with the following:

1. Discharge Wand.
2. Dielectric ABS and Nylon Rollers.
3. Fuse Overload Protection. If the belt breaks and jams the motor (as often happens with the belt being confined), the fuse will prevent your motor from locking up.
4. Built in humidity control bulb mounted in the base. In addition to clearing humidity in the chamber and dome, the bulb adds a neat visual effect to a darkened room during demonstration. High humidity can rob the machine of up to 60% of its output capacity.
5. Quick connect terminals at the top of the main discharge dome (for users wanting to harness the voltage output for experimentation) and on the base.
6. Quick Belt Tensioning System Conveniently Located in Upper Dome. Dual Tensioners will travel up to 1.5" / 38mm
7. Connecting wire.
8. Styrofoam storage case.
9. Convenient discharge wand storage receptacle built into the base (seen on the product photo).
10. Complete user guide / manual.
11. Superior fit and finish.

How does a Van De Graaff generator work? CLICK HERE to find out.

We sell fun and educational custom accessories for this Van De Graaff generator. CLICK HERE for a link.

Power Source: 110VAC (3-Prong Grounded Cord)
Input Power: 80W
Motor RPM: 3,500
Storage Ball Diameter: 10" (250mm)
Discharge Ball Diameter: 2.5" (60mm)
Overall Dimensions: (LxWxH) 11" x 7" x 26" (275mm x 175mm x 660mm)
Weight: 18lbs.



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