Intelligent Paperclip, Memory Metal Paper Clip, Nitinol Paperclip


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Simple and inexpensive, this paperclip is sure to impress! Discover the fascinating properties of Nitinol wire with this ingenious clip. Bend it (no more than 110 degrees) from its original shape and it will magically reconfigure itself into its original shape if exposed to heat - open flame (lighter) or hot water.

This paperclip exploits a property of the Nitinol metal alloy that makes it want to return to the shape it was originally formed in when produced. This property of Nitinol alloy is known as the "memory effect". This Nitinol wire paperclip is produced at a temperature of @600 Degrees Celsius and formed into the paperclip shape at that time. When you receive it, the "memory" has already been "programmed" into it. You can deform the paperclip (don't go to extremes here) and then heat it up with hot water or open flame (lighter). When heated, the metal magically re-forms itself into a paperclip. Way cool!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review