Pointer, Braun Needle Electroscope Pair (Set of 2)

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This set of 2 large, high quality aluminum Braun electroscopes can be used for the following experiments:

1. To detect whether a body is carrying electric charges or not, and whether its carrying positive electric charges or negative electric charges.

2. To measure the potential difference between two conductors.

3. To demonstrate the strength of the electric current forming in the conductor.

Overall Height: 10.25" / 26cm
Overall Width: 6.5" / 16.5mm
Glass Viewing Area Diameter: 6.25" / 16cm


  • 4
    Great value for demonstrations and experiments

    Posted by Colin Howard on Mar 27th 2019

    These electroscopes are well-built and large enough to be seen clearly at the back of a classroom. It's very easy to show electrostatic induction and conduction with them using any triboelectricity kit. I used these for two labs in my high school physics classes. The markings aren't totally clear, but the front is large enough to tape a large protractor to so students can measure deflection angles. A student accidentally dropped one (ugh) and the back broke cleanly into two pieces (no shards). Unfortunately, that also bent the electroscope needle somehow, and I couldn't get it to return to a 0-degree resting position. Otherwise, this is a very strong product, and when it's in stock again I'll be ordering another set.

  • 5
    Very well built

    Posted by G Froelich on Nov 6th 2017

    Solid, easy to read, sensitive, discharges well.

  • 2
    Arrived Broken

    Posted by John Peacock on Apr 17th 2017

    One electroscope was broken when arrived. Apparently shipping didn't go well.

  • 2
    Frustrated with packaging and shipping

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 2nd 2015

    I have not had a chance to use the items, but the packaging was not labeled at all, so it took forever to determine if all items were present. Everywhere else I order from sends the items labeled with the item information. In addition, the items took longer than I would have expected them to take to arrive.