Screen Electroscope: Charge Distribution Electroscope


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This screen electroscope is used to demonstrate the effect of surface curvature on the strength of an electric field. A characteristic of conducting objects at electrostatic equilibrium is that electric fields are strongest at locations along the surface where the object is most curved. The curvature of a surface can range from absolute flatness on one extreme to being curved to a blunt point on the other extreme. This electroscope has a flexible conductive fabric the is joined by 3 insulated metal pillars. The pillars can be manipulated to change the surface curvature of the fabric. When charged, the red strings embedded in the fabric will deflect. The degree of deflection will depend on how the fabric is situated (straight line vs curved). The use of a portable Van De Graaff generator (Fun Fly Stick) is the recommended charging method. A regular Van De Graaff generator will also work with proper setup.




(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    Great idea could be realized better

    Posted by Gregory Froelich on Dec 21st 2018

    My only beef with this excellent demo is the fit of the metal rods into the plastic bases. The machining isn't uniform: one was loose and one too tight so that it didn't seat all the way down. Nevertheless I got everything together well enough to demonstrate field and flux lines and charge within a conductor.

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    Nice Demonstrator

    Posted by J. Pell on Dec 10th 2015

    I use this in conjunction with a fun fly stick to demonstrate electrostatic potential and discharge characteristics.